To Hire a Handyman


Carpentry is one of those essential skills every handy man or contractor should know. Carpentry is also one of the services we offer to you!

We have some of the best people when it comes to working with wood and nails.

We provide a comprehensive residential carpentry suite, with both internal and external tasks included. Our experienced crews handle every project. Every handy man on the job gets the best tools and is overseen by an experienced builder on-site.

All of our carpentry work is done to the highest possible standard. From beginning to end, every part of the job is supervised with an eye towards the overall picture. This way, we avoid the common pitfall of overly focusing on the job, instead of focusing on how it impacts your home.

For external projects, we can do the construction and maintenance of decks and pergolas. We have also done cubby houses. We repair damaged timbers and stair treads. Do you need weatherboards and external cladding? We can handle those too.

We also do large-scale work like fencing and carports.

For interior carpentry, we offer just as extensive a list of services.

Do you need skirting boards? Are you looking to install a new vanity, or maybe some handrails along the stairs? We do those.

We can also do maintenance work like adjusting doors and repairing areas damaged by termites. We can make and install new bath framing and cabinets. We make custom desks. We install hardwood floor and shelves, both in and out of the kitchen.

We even have experts in making decorative archways and window frames, to give your home a little flair.

Best of all is that you know you can trust us. Our services are backed by years of experience and accountability, with a lifetime guarantee on everything we build or repair. Don’t settle for a handy man you aren’t sure of for the carpentry in your home.

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