Just Moved


To Hire a Handyman


Are you just moving into a new place? Is the “new home” smell still fresh on your nose, and you haven’t quite stepped away from the honeymoon phase yet? Or is there something that’s dragging you away from that? A new home can be exciting, as long as you don’t run into any maintenance issues.

It could be minor, like some cosmetic damage on the frame of a window. It could be big, like a leaky pipe that nobody noticed before you moved in. Either way, call us to get professionals to handle it.

Repairs and maintenance aren’t our only tasks, though. When someone moves into a new home, there are a plethora of details that need handling. If your two hands aren’t enough, don’t hesitate to call for help in handling the heavy stuff.

Whether you’re trying to assemble a wall-mount for the TV or putting together a bed for the kids, you might not be up to the task yourself. Our team of builders, contractors, and professionals can take care of these minutiae. This lets you get to the business of getting to know your new home.

We can help you make your new house feel like a home.

Is there something that needs assembling and you’re not too sure you have the right tools? We can bet that we have the tools and the people who know how to use them.

Do you need artwork or pictures hung and didn’t want to tamper with the drywall? Let us handle it.

Are the instructions for the furniture confusing or in a foreign language? We have experience with that.

Do you want to just focus on unpacking your personal items and enjoying this new living space? Our specialists are one call away.

Your new house can become a cherished home faster with our help.

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