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First, let’s answer the question. What are strata?

Strata is a type of property ownership. The individual owns a part of the property, formally called a lot. It might be a townhouse or a single living unit in a building. Meanwhile, driveways, gardens, and other communal facilities are considered shared by the individual owners.

The holders in strata form a community association or owners corporation.

This governing body is responsible for numerous aspects, including maintenance of certain areas of the property itself. These people have the task of maintaining all communal facilities but are not required to retain any individual lots.

The individual owners are responsible for the care, repair, and maintenance of their lots. We are more than willing to perform jobs for them, but it will be distinct from the work done for the strata owners corporation.

Strata can include both residential and commercial properties. They also cover retail spaces, serviced apartments, retirement villages, and parks.

If the owner’s corporation needs any common property repaired or maintained, we are the best choice.

Our years of experience and focus on efficiency are among the hallmarks of our excellent service. While the concept of strata property has only been around for fifty years, our contractors and trade people have more than that regarding collective experience.

Whether you need repairs or maintenance, we have the right skills and the right tools.

As long as we are made aware of what is and is not communal property, you will get only minimal hassle as we work. With our outstanding efficiency, you can rest assured we won’t be a hindrance for very long.

You will find our prices reasonable and provide much more value for your money.

Among the various tasks we’ve performed, we’ve done maintenance on walkways and paths. We have repaired doors, windows, and other areas of open facilities, such as clubhouses.

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