Pre-Sale Services


To Hire a Handyman


First impressions are crucial when selling a property. Any damage, any flaw, anything that might not be perfect is going to be a reason to lower an offer. If there is a big enough problem, you may not even get that far. Some people will walk away from an otherwise perfect home for the smallest flaws.

Call us for our pre-sale services, so your home is looking its best when the potential buyers come.

If you aren’t sure you should, consider this. Selling your home is a lot of stress.

It is an enormous financial decision, alongside a massive disruption of life as you know it. There will always be challenges, like someone backing out before the deal is made or offers not being good enough. Do you honestly want to add maintenance and repairs to that?

While you might attempt to do the fixing yourself, is that advisable? Your old property needs to make a strong, positive first impression. Your home maintenance and repair skills might be up to par, but it always pays to have professional tools and more than one pair of hands on the job.

Let our professionals prepare your home for the sales process. Give the tasks over to professionals. You’ll have less stress. You’ll also have the certainty that things you may have missed will be handled. From repairs to maintenance to renovations, our contractors can handle whatever you need to be done.

Best of all is that we have specialists in pre-sale tasks. We have people who know what buyers look for, and what they are most likely to check. We can focus on these at your discretion, adding that extra level of polish that makes a home sparkle.

With our attention to detail, you can bet your property will be the talk of the market. Once we’re done, we guarantee you’ll get better offers just based on the condition of the home.

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