Rental Maintenance


To Hire a Handyman


Maintenance issues in rental properties can spiral out of control if you leave them alone. Property maintenance is essential, both for the longevity of your rental and your sanity. If you don’t live in the same general area as your property, that just makes things even more complex.

For this, you want a good partner. A reliable handyman who can fix everything without too much fuss. You need properly maintenance professionals you can trust. You need a crew that can take care of things with efficiency and professionalism. You need us.

We offer our high quality, award-winning services to any landowner in Perth.

Our experienced team of contractors, builders, and trade professionals can provide all the rental maintenance you require. Our team will bring professionalism, efficiency, and quality to the table.

We are committed to making sure your property is in top condition.

Our team can perform a variety of tasks.

We do general maintenance. This covers many common issues as well. We’ve handled things from clogged shower drains to strange noises coming from the hinges of the door. Our property maintenance skills are proven in this field, and we have yet to let a client down.

If you need locks changed, we have specialist locksmiths available. We can also handle installations of standard household security features, such as new locks.

We can touch-up paint or make repairs to doors and windows. We have people who do yard maintenance. Gutter cleaning is also in our alley.

All of our personnel have insurance, so there is almost zero liability for you in the event of injury.

Our prices are not the lowest, but we give you the best quality in the market. There are no better people in Perth for the job. Our combo of efficiency, friendly demeanor, professional skill, and unbeatable value for money is sure to have you calling us every time.

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