Major and Minor Repairs


To Hire a Handyman


Things break.

Taps can break from too much force. Doors may fall off their hinges. Pipes can get clogged. Windows might crack. Moving parts jam. In any given property, eventually, something is going to break. Property maintenance is essential in the quest to make sure what breaks doesn’t stay broken.

Repairs are crucial to property maintenance. Experience is key to making repairs. This is because sometimes the damage was done by something other than ordinary wear and tear. There are times when the cause of the breaking is unorthodox and can confuse the inexperienced.

Fortunately, when you call on us, you get professionals that have seen it all.

The repair crews from us have years of experience individually. They have seen everything from golf balls clogging kitchen sinks to phones that periodically break down due to damaged wiring. Whatever the cause, you can be sure our crew can diagnose it and execute a working fix.

We provide all-around repairs. We’ve had people ask us to mend the plaster and brickwork of walls. We have done repairs on concrete fences. We’ve installed and fixed everything, from fly wire to security screens.

We bring the same level of efficiency and professional skill, no matter what sort of situation you’rein. Whether you have a major repair job or just a few kitchen cupboards that squeak when you open them, we’ll give you the same quality of service.

You can call on us to handle property maintenance, preventing future damage.Prevention is better than cure, both in medicine and in the home.

If you call us now, we can provide an initial quote on our services. Of course, please be aware that we will reserve the final estimate after we’ve seen the damage ourselves. Don’t worry, though – we don’t have any hidden fees and we do everything we can to avoid charging you more than the estimate.

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