Picture this situation. You have something at home that needs to be fixed. Perhaps something structural or just a part of the home that didn’t get proper maintenance. Now you need to ask yourself. Do you need a contractor, licenses and all? Or do you just need a handyman?

Well, if you’re not quite sure, let us help. With our assistance, you’ll have a better idea to tell whether or not you need a contractor or a handyman Perth.

If you’re not sure why you should consider the difference, you’re missing out on some details. When it comes to home repair, you need to make sure quality work is going to happen. It is important that you get the best on the job. You’ll be working closely with these people for a long time to come.

First, let’s define what a licensed contractor is so we have an idea.

A licensed contractor is either licensed or registered with a government body. They also need to maintain the certification through a number of requirements. This means they’ve passed exams and meet a minimum standard of quality for their work.

Licensed contractors are tested for competency in their trade, which is a requirement for acquiring liability insurance. This gives them a background and relevant training. It also means that they are working under regulations that have standards that must be met.

In contrast, a handyman does not need to keep up with any regulations. They may choose to, but they aren’t required to do it the way a contractor does. This doesn’t mean they’re less skilled. It merely means that if a job requires a license, they’re not allowed.

Just about anyone can call himself a handyman, in fact. Many of them do have the skills and the competence to live up to the name. It is just that without a license, they’re not allowed to work on certain tasks.

So, where does that leave you with the question of who to hire?

For smaller projects, a handyman is okay. However, if there’s special work being done, a contractor is going to be the better choice. Small home repairs like clogged pipes or patching drywall are easy enough.

For larger projects, a licensed contractor is probably the best first choice. Their expertise is going to be necessary, and you probably want the guarantee that their licenses represent. If there are specializations required, like electrical or gas work, a contractor is also needed.

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