The typical handyman Perth is called on to do small repairs and maintenance tasks in the home. Loose bannisters, a door that’s not latching properly, or areas that have become rotten. However, this does cause a bit of an issue.

Namely, that while you’re likely to get a contractor to talk to you right away for a big job, smaller work isn’t received with as much gusto. More often than not, firms might take some time to return your calls if what you need is “small fry.”

Now, some people feel like this is wasting their time. In some ways, this is true. However, this behaviour is not without its reasons.

While some firms do focus on small repairs, a majority are in it for the larger projects. They have more profitability and often require contractors. There’s a certain sense of prestige in being one, over being just a handyman.

Your best bet is to find a firm that focuses on doing small projects, or does them in the “off-season.” If you can’t do that, you’re not entirely out of options.

Your Two Options

Piggybacking is one way to go. This is when you have a bigger project, like having a deck built. After the estimate for the big project is given, ask if the team can do the small repairs too. Be sure to note that you’re willing to pay extra for the additional work.

This helps because they’re on-site already, so unless they’re exceptionally busy, they can take a little time out to get the small stuff done.

Another tactic is to lump things together.

One small job isn’t going to be appealing to a handyman service focused on bigger projects. On the other hand, a bundle of related tasks that are coming in all at once can do exactly that. This is important. The tasks must be related in terms of skills required.

For instance, installing a new pantry and fixing a loose bannister would be related. They both require carpentry. Tossing in having someone fix the pipes in your sink isn’t, because that’s a different trade altogether.

Why avoid mixing trades in this approach? Well, most contractors won’t be thrilled at the idea. Bundling small tasks together only really works if they’re all similar enough that there’s no need for more than one trade.

These two strategies can help you get a lot of small repairs done, even if you can’t find a firm that focuses on the little things.

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