We all know the typical handyman services Perth. You’ve got people who can do plumbing or electrical work. Many do carpentry and associated home repair and maintenance tasks.

Did you know they can do a few related, but slightly odd, tasks too? Here’s a quick look at some of the more amusing and somewhat unusual tasks that a handyman can totally perform if you ask. It’s just that most people don’t really ask.

Odd Handyman Jobs

Do you have a dog or cat in your home? Do you think it deserves to have its own personal space? Ask a handyman.

The average handyman knows a thing or two about carpentry. While some might not have a license to work on human domiciles, they can build a basic shelter or sanctuary for your pets. Just provide the materials and dimensions, and let them get the work done.

For this, a carpenter is the better choice. However, a handyman with plans and materials can rig one together. No license required since there’s no building code to restrict him.

An even rarer instance is for handymen to be called to rescue animals. Usually, this will be limited to animals stuck in trees or in spaces around the home.

This is something that you’d ask from someone you have a reliable working relationship with. The job will often require ladders and similar tools, which they have. Now, animal rescue services are better choices for this, but if you have a handyman present and are in a hurry…

Well, you could do worse. That’s what we’re saying.

Clean-up jobs are also something a handyman might do. Sure, you could ask them to clean the yard or a few household maintenance tasks. Other times, you might ask them to do something odd.

Some handymen know enough to clean out car interiors, for instance. Others might be tasked with putting to heel an out of control lawn area. These tasks are a little odd, but they’re not entirely impossible for a handyman to do.

Though we don’t advise just asking anyone to do this out of the blue. It’s a little odd to hear, even if the average handyman would be willing to do it.

Finally, there are all sorts of small jobs that they can do. You can ask them to change a lightbulb, for instance. They can hang mirrors or paintings, including the crucial step of making sure they line up properly. You can even ask them to install flatscreens on the wall.

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