Do you have a few maintenance tasks in your home that you’re not sure how to fix? Handyman services are a good way to correct those issues. However, sometimes for a small job, you can probably do it yourself.

Here are a few unorthodox ways to handle common household problems. They’ll make for quick fixes that can last a long time. Or hold the line until you can get a professional to handle things.

Let’s start with rickety old chairs. Did you know that you can fix those without taking them apart and glueing it back together?

Drill pilot holes into it. Then use trim-head screws through the bottom and into the legs. This will fix the wobbliness problem. Just don’t use this on antiques or anything that has any value. This is a good way to ruin that value.

If you have a vinyl window or door that’s sticking, that’s usually because you have gunk in the channels. Spray dry lubricant on the contact points and wipe it off with a rag. Don’t use oil, since that can actually do more damage.

If you have a shutoff valve that refuses to do its job, there’s a way to correct that too.

One thing you can do is replace it if that’s easy. Some of them are. However, if it’s not, you’ll want to shut off the main water valve. Then you remove the packing nut, unscrew the stem, and take it out to find a replacement. Clean any grit out of the body and pope the new washer in.

If none of that makes any sense to you, don’t try it yourself. Call a professional.

If you’re short on money and there’s a hole in the ceiling, consider a smoke detector. You cover up the hole and add a safety feature for your home! Just make sure the hole isn’t a sign of a worse problem.

Magnetic door catches are good for keeping cabinet doors closed if they’re the sort that wants to stay open.

If your floors squeak, there are ways to fix that too. Locate the floor joists and drive a trim head screw through the pad and subfloor. Get it right into the joist. You’ll probably want a larger head for the job. Keep adding screws at the joists until the squeaking sound stops.

Once again, if that part above sounds like gibberish to you, call a professional.

Finally, water stains can be taken out with bleach! Spray the spot with bleach and water, and give it a day or two. It’ll usually disappear by the next day.

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